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For those that would like to have input on what reuse plan takes place at the Navy Base

For those that would like to have input on what reuse plan takes place at the Navy Base, it is VERY important to show up and participate at the next few HLRA (Horsham Land Reuse Authority) meetings. The next meeting is Wed, April 20th at the Community center behind the township building. There will only be a few meetings that will determine the eventual outcome so we need to make sure we participate. Continue reading

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Who Wants The Land

Who wants land
List of applicants who submitted requests for land at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station as a “public benefit conveyance,” which could be acquired for free or at a greatly reduced price:
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Excerpts From The Intelligencer Post March 23rd

16 applications were filed for free or reduced land at the closing Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

Among them were the Bucks County Airport Authority, which wants 681 of the available 892 acres, and Montgomery County, which requested up to 540 acres in a separate, but similar, application.

Both plans propose to keep the 8,000-foot runway – the largest in the region outside Philadelphia International Airport – open for a general use, private airfield and corporate center.

Neither plan suggested turning the airfield into a commercial or cargo airfield with scheduled flights.

But should either proposal be approved, it will leave only a couple of hundred acres left for the township and its reuse authority to develop into taxpaying properties.

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Ideas From Monday Night Meeting

Environmental issues should help to drive the reuse plan Base should be able to be a key location to manage storm water for the township Possible alternate energy generation Take a look at the base for alternate Energy Generation. The … Continue reading

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Concerns From Monday Night Meeting

Press the township to put announcements on all electronic signs (township) Township newsletter is not published often enough. History of the “Impact Aid” dollar amount to the township What is the capacity of the school district in its present condition? … Continue reading

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Welcome Township Residents and Businesses

This page will compile the latest developments Horsham Township Authority for NAS-JRB (HLRA)
as well as the ideas and concerns of the people of the township who stand to be most affected by any poor planning or reuse of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. Continue reading

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