About Reuse the Base

Willow Grove Naval Air StationReuseTheBase.com is for the citizens and businesses that have concerns about how the possible closure of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station / Joint Reserve Base may affect our community. Here you  will have an opportunity to voice your opinions concerns and ideas about what to do with the land and how the process is being handled by local committees and government. This is a public forum to post the latest developments news and to share ideas and discuss them so that our voices may be heard and our concerns addressed.

Horsham Township Authority for NAS-JRB

The Horsham Township Authority for NAS-JRB (HLRA) was first formed by Horsham Township Resolution 2005-26 on October 12, 2005. On November 7, 2005 by Ordinance the Authority was authorized to file of Articles of Incorporation under the provisions of the Municipality Authorities Act.