Preferred Reuse Alternative D E

Preferred Reuse Alternative “D” Summary

Preferred Reuse Alternative D

Preferred Reuse Alternative D

Preferred Reuse Alternative D refines the best aspects of the three Base Reuse Alternatives (A, B and C) into a single plan.  Option D represents the draft proposed configuration of reuse and redevelopment at NAS-JRB Willow Grove as recommended by RKG Associates.  The plan is a mixed use plan configured to integrate the site with the Horsham community. 

Preferred Reuse Alternative D provides for a mix of low and moderate density residential areas, a variety of public uses, an office park, a hotel/conference center, school facilities and recreation area, museum, Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), an outdoor recreation area and over 100 acres of land devoted to open space and storm water retention.   Also, included on the plan is a Town Center that incorporates retail, restaurants and neighborhood-serving shops, entertainment uses including a bowling alley, movie theater, ice-skating rink, and a farmers market.  All portions of the site are connected by the “grand boulevard” that runs the length of the development from the south end of the base to Keith Valley Road.

The plan is not intended to be interpreted as a rigid and fixed plan.  The plan will undoubtedly require fine tuning during implementation to respond to market conditions, development phasing requirements and more specific site data and requirements.

Preferred Reuse Alternative “D” 

To View entire presentation, click the following link:  November 16, 2011 Presentation

Preferred Reuse Alternative – Option E

Preferred Reuse Alternative - Option E

Preferred Reuse Alternative – Option E

The Preferred Reuse Alternative map – Option E was presented to the HLRA Board and the public on January 18, 2012 at 7:00pm in the Horsham Township Community Center.  Option E was prepared in response to the comments from the HLRA Board and public during the December 21, 2011 HLRA meeting. 

The HLRA Board moved to direct RKG to provide the financial data and the draft NAS-JRB Willow Grove Redevelopment Plan based on Option E.  The document is expected to be presented to be HLRA Board at the February 15, 2012 HLRA Meeting.  

Preferred Reuse Alternative “E”