Traffic Considerations

Can existing properties be relocated to “base propety” should the need arise to disrupt properties for road improvements?

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Expansion of the Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant

The expansion of the Park Creek Sewage Treatment Plant has been underway for some time.

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Storm Water Management

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Air Museum

We need to hear from people involved with the Museum

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Alternate Uses

One use I’d like to see on a personal note. One idea that has been brought up is using the runway, once it’s closed, for Land Speed Racing, five times a year in North Carolina and twice a year in Maine “abandoned” runways much like Willow Grove are used to land speed racing. The events are short, Friday to Sunday afternoon and are only run during the daylight hours. There are sections of Johnsville that are used for Auto Cross already. The LSR events do not draw huge crowds but they do bring people from out of the area for safe and controlled racing. I do have a personal interest in this interim use and from what I understand removing the runway at this point in time is cost prohibitive.

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The site NEEDS people to post ideas. It’s not all that important that ideas appear like they are something brilliant or that they will appear like they have been crafted by a scolar. Just get the ideas out there!

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Next meeting

The next meeting of the Land Reuse Authority – 16 March 2011 – I spoke to RKG last week and they mostly kicked around some ideas. I’ve also spoke to some people in the community and also folks from Hatboro. The direction for the reuse is not clear yet

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Ideas From Monday Night Meeting

Environmental issues should help to drive the reuse plan

Base should be able to be a key location to manage storm water for the township

Possible alternate energy generation

Solar FarmTake a look at the base for alternate Energy Generation. The exposure on the base is wonderful for solar generation.
Can the base and the area become a point for energy development?
Some kind of a laboratory area for alternate energy development


Encourage some kind of manufacturing in the township, sustainable, long term friendly to the community and the general reigon

Improvements to road infrastructure

Relocation of existing business to the base property in order to improve the road system should be free of charge

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Concerns From Monday Night Meeting

  • Press the township to put announcements on all electronic signs (township)
  • Township newsletter is not published often enough.
  • History of the “Impact Aid” dollar amount to the township
  • What is the capacity of the school district in its present condition?
  •  Will new families coming into the township fill the school district? Or will it overwhelm it?
  • Will the base become some other facility for Emergency management in the reigon?
  • Redevelopment of the base should benefit the township entities that are predevelopment
  • Will the financial statements of the LRA be public record?
  • Pollution issues
  • The base does have the potential of generating an additional 750,000 or more in township taxes
  • Historical significance of any buildings

 How was the board appointed
          They may not get paid directly but there is some level of compensation?

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Welcome Township Residents and Businesses

This page will compile the latest developments Horsham Township Authority for NAS-JRB (HLRA)
as well as the ideas and concerns of the people of the township who stand to be most affected by any poor planning or reuse of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. You will be able in the next few days to follow the latest news here on the site by RSS Syndication on Facebook and Twitter get your updates to your computer or potable PDA or Smartphone post your feedback or comments this site has no authority over planning other than many voices together get results and this is the place to share that voice.

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