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Ideas for the Base

I would love to see a hospital or at the very least a decent medical center somewhere on the base.  The closest hospital to Horsham right now is Abington, and the drive there can take much longer than anyone would … Continue reading

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Acknowledge the Airport is an Asset

It is in the community’s best interest to acknowledge the airport is an asset to the community. Why? Because if we all acknowledge the airport is the asset (which it clearly is), then whatever proposals are made to replace the … Continue reading

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While I share everyones concern about air traffic in Horsham, the scare tactics I have seen on another website opposing the runway due to air crashes are not logical.  If I used the same logic and applied it to other … Continue reading

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Solar Power at the base no airplains

We live to close to the runways and are in the crash zones as well as 3 of the Horsham schools! It is so nice and peaceful now with out the drone of airplanes warming up on the runway or … Continue reading

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