Concerns From Monday Night Meeting

  • Press the township to put announcements on all electronic signs (township)
  • Township newsletter is not published often enough.
  • History of the “Impact Aid” dollar amount to the township
  • What is the capacity of the school district in its present condition?
  •  Will new families coming into the township fill the school district? Or will it overwhelm it?
  • Will the base become some other facility for Emergency management in the reigon?
  • Redevelopment of the base should benefit the township entities that are predevelopment
  • Will the financial statements of the LRA be public record?
  • Pollution issues
  • The base does have the potential of generating an additional 750,000 or more in township taxes
  • Historical significance of any buildings

 How was the board appointed
          They may not get paid directly but there is some level of compensation?

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1 Response to Concerns From Monday Night Meeting

  1. The next meeting scheduled for 16 March at 3:00 PM, who knows why a public meeting would be scheduled for working hours but. I have made it a part of my job to attend the meetings and will share what information I can gather. If we all work together with a common goal of what’s best for the township and the area, not a short term get ahaead but a real long term plan good things will happen.

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